Want me to do a particular song? You can now request it!

Greetings music video lovers and fans of my channel!

Do you have a particular song that you would like me to cover on my channel? Well, I’m pleased to announce that now you can request that I do a particular song via this page! Just fill in the form and submit it, and I’ll get back to you with whether or not I will do the song, and if not, why I will not be covering that particular song.

Some of the reasons I may decline to do a particular song:

  • I have already covered it on the channel
  • It contains swearing or other bad lyrics
  • The message of the song is not something I agree with and refuse to promote
  • I’m not comfortable singing the particular song (say it was written for a woman or a duo)
  • Another reason not listed here

Be aware that all fields are mandatory, so be sure you know where I can find a karaoke version of the song you want me to cover on my channel when you come to request a song!

Looking forward to seeing what my fans request in the future!
Swagnilla Ice (aka Nathan P.)

About Swagnilla Ice

A YouTube content creator, gamer, and Twitch streamer.


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